In Praise of Prostitutes and Promiscuity – A Utilitarian Perspective

Puritanism is the haunting fear that someone somewhere may be happy

HL Mencken, Aphorisms

Sex is one of the most wholesome, spiritual and natural things money can buy. And like all games, it becomes more interesting when played for money.

Sebastian Horsley, The Brothel-Creeper

Prostitutes are like public toilets. On the one hand, they provide a useful service to the public. On the other, they are dirty and unhygienic, and one always somehow feels in danger of catching a disease when inside one.

VEL – The Contemporary Heretic

I have never been able to understand why whores and prostitutes have invariably maligned as sinful and immoral.

Given that the Oxford English Dictionary defines the word nice as meaning giving pleasure or satisfaction, then surely the nice girl is not the girl who, as  the current usage of this phrase typically connotes, refuses to perform oral copulation on the first date, but rather the girl who willingly does so with multiple partners on every night of the week. After all, it is the latter girl who surely gives considerably more ‘pleasure and satisfaction’ than the former.

According to the precepts of utilitarianism, the theory of normative ethics championed by such eminent luminaries as Bentham, Mill and, most recently, Peter Singer, the moral worth of an action is to be determined by the extent to which it contributes to the overall happiness of mankind. On this view, the ultimate determinant of the morality of a given behaviour is the extent to which it promotes (to adopt Bentham’s memorable formulation) ‘the Greatest Happiness to the Greatest Number’.

Well, surely, this is precisely what whores and other indiscriminately promiscuous women do. Prostitutes, for example, over the course of their careers, can give pleasure and happiness to literally thousands of men.

Some crack-whores suck a couple of dozen dicks a day minimum. That’s what I call giving the greatest happiness to the greatest number. If that’s not maximising utility, I don’t know what is!

(Much is made of the scourge of drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine on lives, families, communities as well as society as a whole. But, on the plus side, they do help drive down the cost of a blowjob – Good news for the consumer!)

In utilitarian terms, therefore, rather than condemned as immoral for their behaviour, whores ought to be lauded as the highest paradigm of moral virtue – right up alongside Mother Teresa.

After all, Mother Teresa might have selflessly dedicated her entire live to helping, healing, feeding and caring for the poor and destitute – but she never sucked their cocks, did she?


9 thoughts on “In Praise of Prostitutes and Promiscuity – A Utilitarian Perspective

  1. Most prostitutes are sex slaves… women and girls abducted and forced into prostitution. They are victims, yet they have no recourse to the law. The law turns its back on them and ignores their horrible plight. The law needs to put a stop to this sort of prostitution and free all those women and girls. They are suffering many horrible things at the hands of pimps, madams, sex-traffickers, “johns” and even many law enforcement officers.

    A small number of us though, do this by choice. Sure we do it to make money, everyone needs an income, but we also do it because we want to make people happy. We want to help people have an enjoyable time and forget what may be worrying them for a time. We want to help people relieve some stress. We care about people. We have compassion for those who have no other way to get sex. We do a great service for society. Yet, we who chose to be prostitutes are stigmatized and shunned.

    Society needs to do two things… 1) free all of the unfortunate women and girls forced into prostitution and 2) accept us who chose to be prostitutes as valuable service providers.


    1. actually no. many men can have a beautiful relationship, get good sex at home and he will still go out and cheat or in this case go with a hooker. hookers are part of the problem and no there is no stress relieving some are just jerks and want to treat hookers for what they are…there to serve them and disrespect and use their body for their…the cheaters…satisfaction. please don’t feel sorry for the johns…they are like my ex-boyfriend abusers and violent towards women.


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